Prototanium Cryptocurrency

Prototanium was launched in 2014 by Blazr2, who also founded the very successful Unobtanium cryptocurrency.  Prototanium was launched as a token that is capable of being merge mined with the powerful bitcoin network.

Prototanium is a highly collectible crypto token that has passed through its inflationary stage.  What remains is a fast network (3x faster than Bitcoin) that emits very few tokens, resulting in a product that is intended to be highly stable, with solid growth potential; a low inflationary storage of wealth.

How to get Prototanium

You can trade other cryptocurrencies for Prototanium, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, and Unobtanium.

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Source  404  ‘new copy’  shinohai is a well known vetted coder

First block
2015-07-01 02:41:35

Prototanium Wallet v. // Released 3 April 2016

SHA256: 8d2108e6d0983d600d3704d7f5fb64fb40b15e5ef9ba52b6c8aa607db7349959
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Prototanium Wallet v. // Released 3 April 2016

SHA256: 75db4406062f7d0888e42827f07cbfbee89e3a225fccd4a549b8b06263b43b0a